Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Jaguar and Land Rover Turnaround

I was pleased to read the New York Times recent article Tata Motors Finds Success in Jaguar LandRover”.

The article describes the turnaround of the troubled England based manufacturer of Jaguars and Land Rovers by Tata Motors an automobile manufacturer headquartered in India.

Tata purchased the company from Ford Motor Company in 2008.

The sad aspect of this story is that an Indian automobile manufacturer could fix and turnaround this complex operation but the venerable Ford Motor Company could not.

Surprisingly, this may be an indication of some weakness in Ford's management ability.

Allegedly foreign manufacturing operations in developing countries are not capable of matching the management abilities of USA companies.

Can Ford's failure in this regard, be applied to studying the weakness in the USA's overall manufacturing capability?

The question remains, “Can Manufacturing Return to the USA?”